Symphonic Group Ltd

Leverage Program

Symphonic Group Ltd are direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC, MTN, Bonds, Bank draft and CDs which we have specifically for lease.

Leverage program goes from $10 Mil to $10 Bil!
Joint Venture Program!

The leverage program provides an alternative to traditional financing. It can be used to raise funds for working capital, to fund real estate or even just for personal use. The advantages of the leveraging structure are several, NO UPFRONT FEES, No due Diligence Fees, 30 to 120 days for available funds, depending on size of project. Since Monetization is more like an investment it is non-repayment.

The minimum instrument to be leased is $10 Mil. This requires an escrow deposit of $500K for you to get it monetized. At times we submitted through multiple clients/investors or even J.V. with you to reach the $500K which may require more time to start your process. We can leverage all or some of these proceeds into a higher Bank Instrument to fund larger projects. We will also partner up with you and use our resources to help you fund your projects. The equity position in your project will depend on how much money we will contribute and the risk factor of the project.

  • $100K down = $1 Mil back to you.
  • $200K down = $2 Mil back to you.
  • $300K down = $3 Mil back to you.
  • $400K down = $4 Mil back to you.
  • $500K down = at least $5 Mil back to you (No Joint Venture on this escrow amount).


Safe Guards for Client:

  1. 1. Contract will state that money is refunded in full if not funded within 30 banking days.
  2. 2. Escrow agreement will state that no instrument will be bought without permission of client.
  3. 3. You are not alone in the process. We are putting up our money as well.


Example of a $10,000,000 Project

  1. 1. Initial Program has minimum of $100,000 deposit in an escrow with NO UPFRONT FEES AT ALL!
  2. 2. In about 30 banking days you will have access to around $1 Mil. Then put proceeds into the next round.
  4. 4. Get at least your initial $100 K deposit back if you want and then the rest of the returns keep getting reinvested.
  5. 5. 60 total banking days (3 months) gets you at least $10 Mil.
  6. 6. You can keep leveraging into a higher Bank Instrument to fund larger projects!


The program works as follows:

  1. 1. Client will sign two documents: Memorandum of Understanding and assignment of Asset Manager Documents.
  2. 2. Client will sign escrow agreement and deposit escrow (minimum of $100K, depending on size of instrument).
  3. 3. Asset Manager will usually lease T-Bills, at times will use BI, BG, SBLC or Swift (MT760 & MT799).
    4. (Treasury Bills, Bank Instrument, Bank Guarantee, Stand-By Letter of Credit or A Swift MT = Message Type)
  4. 5. Asset Manager will establish line of credit with T-Bills, BI, BG, SBLC or Swift for up to 75% of face value.
  5. 6. Fees of T-Bills, BI, BG, SBLC or Swift will be paid out of escrow and part of proceeds of credit.
  6. Money will be disbursed in 10 days, 10 days, 10 days intervals, 1/3 of total proceeds each. First disbursement will be 10 days after activation of credit line.
  7. 7. Re-payment of escrow funds in 3-4 banking days after funds leaves escrow. This will be deducted from first trench.

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Symphonic Group Ltd is a not-for-profit membership association representing the private and public sectors.

Five Leverage Financing Options


10% program for any type of project

In this program client will need to escrow 10% of the loan amount requested. Funding will be available for the client in 45 days. Terms are 6.5% interest only, up to 5 years, with balloon in the end.


In & Out of Ground
Asset program

Through this program any legal Asset owner may capitalize on existing, out-ground & unexploited in-ground assets to which they have full unencumbered legal-title. This is available for Bonds, Coins, Antiques, Gold, Diamonds, Silver, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Coal and Rare Earth to name a few. It can also position Asset owners to develop a mineral property at their own schedule.


JV Leverage

Same as above, however we will put up our own money as well. Client minimum is $100K in escrow. Proportional funding, whereas we will take an equity stake in company as well. Lots of different variations possible in this scenario and it would be best to discussed directly with client.


JV Leverage Investment Program

This is for clients that don't have the minimum of $500K but don't want to give up any shares. Client minimum is $100K in escrow. Works like option 3 but proportional funding for each JV partner. We will not take equity, but client will only get a proportional return for their funding, and we will take our return to invest in other projects. We can leverage the clients money into larger instruments, but funding will take longer depending on amount client is putting up..



The client escrows $500K. We provide a bank instrument for $10M and monetize it with a line of credit through one of our banks. We provide a sample instrument to the client prior to acquiring the instrument. Upon approval escrow is released and instrument obtained. We then establish a line of credit against the instrument (we already have a bank set up prior to acquiring the instrument). We will pay out 10 days, 10 days, and 10 days, after the line of credit is established. Part of the proceeds will be held back to acquire a second larger instrument to fund out the whole project. Turn around is 60 banking days from the time the line of credit is established. Terms are non-recourse, non- repayment.