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Our Executive Team

One of the main factors of success for Symphonic Group Ltd is the Management team. The company's management team has the highest qualification, important practical experience and a in-depth knowledge of the problems of the HongKong economy.
High professionalism of the team allows not only to adapt western business know-how to Hong Kong conditions, but also to create its own elaborations.

Theo Hernandez (Director of Spain Office)
Luis Herman (Director of France Office)
Patrick B. Haig (Director of Portugal Office)
Bai Lin wu (Director of Hong Kong HK Office)

Investment/Funding Manager
Mr. René J Deceuninck

Shu Chan Wong
Visionary and Cornerstone Investor

Shu Chan Wong Founded Symphonic Group Ltd and its subsidiaries. She is currently the Group Chairman and the Global CEO responsible in managing and overseeing the group business activities.

Her career in financial services is in the areas of investment advisory, asset management and wealth management which started in late 90’s. She has worked with affluent individuals and international Family Offices in Europe and Asia where she held various functional positions as corporate adviser initiating business opportunities in growing and expanding their businesses in global markets. Over the years in wong’s professional career, she expanded her working relationship with international banks & large cap institutional investors from Europe to Asia.

Wong has a proven track record in growing the business, product development and business strategies through investment advisory and wealth management roles. And in the early years of 2000, the increasing international nature of the business in Asia and the sophistication of investment opportunities and product development in financial services as well as the increasing demand for clients’ top-notch service led to the creation of Symphonic Group companies in 2006.

She is currently registered Chief Executive with the Confederation of Insurance Brokers in Hong Kong and was licensed Responsible Officer with Securities and Futures Commission.

Wong holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy and attended Executive Education in Corporate Finance, Private Equity. She is an active alumnus of London Business School.

Her areas of expertise in Finance: Private Equity, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Investment Advisory, Takeovers, Buyouts and growing start-up companies.


Hui Fu Xióng
Executive Director, President & Chief Operations Officer

Hui Fu Xióng is currently the Executive Director, President & Chief Operations Officer of Symphonic Group Global Investment Management, Inc. in the Philippines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Symphonic Group Group Limited.

He oversees company operations to ensure implementation efficiency, quality service, and cost-effective management of resources. Xióng is a core member of the Executive Team Committee for Symphonic Group Global Investment Management, Inc.

Rising from the ranks afforded Xióng the opportunities to hone his administrative, managerial and interpersonal skills, and abilities to deal and work with the Senior Executives, colleagues and subordinates as well as internal and external clients or customers.

Xióng is an experienced and established Director with a good grounding in Forensic Accounting & Regulatory Compliance. With 22 years in banking industry, Xióng headed key functional positions wherein he either led or participated in a high level and broad range of strategy and system implementation in banking audit and operations activities in detecting fraud.

The extent of his experience also includes setting-up of new organizational structures in the areas of operations review and transaction control, international books, and foreign bank reconciliation processes, float management, and covers small to medium companies as well as large organizations.

Xióng holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy and graduated as Magna cum Laude from University of Iloilo, Philippines. A diligent student from primary to university, he has been the consistent school Valedictorian.


Lyman Chao Huáng
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Lyman Chao Huáng is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Symphonic Group Capital Partners Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

He is responsible for all Symphonic Group Capital Partners Pte. Ltd. business activities in the Asia Pacific Region including Greater China market.

Prior to joining Symphonic Group Capital Partners Pte. Ltd., he was a director for a Single Family Office focusing on private equity investments mainly in the renewable energy sectors as well as real estate investment and development activities in China. In his early days of corporate life, he was the pioneer member of a British multi-national corporation in the expansion of its APAC business in corporate and business solutions.

He also founded a private advisory firm focusing on private equity transactions, real estate investment and investment advisory. Huáng has an extensive experience in capital sourcing and handling sophisticated and institutional investors globally.

He is currently a mentor to several technology startups in Singapore on issues on mainly financial and SWOT analysis.

His areas of expertise cover financial valuation, SWOT analysis, capital raising, and entrepreneurship and cross-border corporate solutions.


Victoria Gutierrez
Chief Executive Officer of Symphonic Group Global Education & Management

Victoria Gutierrez is the Chief Executive Officer of Symphonic Group Global Education & Management Co. Limited in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining PGEM, Mrs. Gutierrez has been teaching for 30 years.

She spent 25 years working at Chinese International School in Hong Kong as the Head of the Computer Science Department, a teacher, university counselor, study programme administrator and curriculum designer.

Her 30 years experience in the education field has given him not only a clear understanding of the benefits of international education, but also of the positive role of ethnic and cultural diversity in the educational development of his students to be a global citizen and responsible leader.

In addition to her teaching experience, Mrs. Gutierrez has 20+ years' experience in high-technology marketing, software development and operational management. She has an innate passion for technology and is very conscious of how students can benefit from technology for both learning inside and outside the classroom. She truly believes that technology is a tool that will help unlock the walls of the classroom and provide greater global access for education in the 21st century.

Mrs. Gutierrez taught MYP Computer Technology, Information Technology in a Global Society and Computer Science at Diploma Level. She served as an examiner for the IB Organization since 1995.

Mrs. Gutierrez holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a PTC Certificate of International School Leadership. She is a dedicated international educator with experience in the MYP, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmes (IBDP), IGCSE and familiar with other curriculum system.

Mrs. Gutierrez strongly believes in the simple idea that “education is an opportunity for everyone.”