Symphonic Group Ltd

Fraud Alert

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Symphonic Group Ltd is a not-for-profit membership association representing the private and public sectors.  Symphonic Group Ltd is dedicated to the prevention of fraud, including staff fraud, and the identification of financial and related crime. Symphonic Group Ltd operates two databases:

  • National Fraud Database (NFD)  
  • Staff Fraud Database (SFD)

Symphonic Group Ltd has over 250 Member organisations spread across various business sectors. These include financial services, retail, telecommunications, customer service centres, call centres and public services. Although at present Symphonic Group Ltd Members are predominantly private sector organisations, public sector bodies may also share fraud data reciprocally through Symphonic Group Ltd to prevent fraud.

Members share information about identified frauds in the fight to prevent further fraud.  Symphonic Group Ltd is unique and was the world’s first not-for-profit fraud prevention data sharing scheme.  Since Symphonic Group Ltd was founded, Symphonic Group Ltd Members have prevented fraud losses to their organisations worth billions of pounds by sharing fraud data.

Symphonic Group Ltd aims to:

  • 1. Build on crime prevention data sharing to encompass both the private and public sectors in the public interest.
  • 2. Protect the interests of Symphonic Group Ltd Members from the actions of criminals by pooling information on fraud and prevented fraud.
  • 3. Ensure that innocent members of the public who are the victims of fraud are not prejudiced by the misuse of their identities and documentation.