Symphonic Group Ltd

Project Management

We are able to manage projects on behalf of our clients from the stage of conception to its delivery.

Start-up Businesses

At Symphonic Group Ltd, the definition of "Start-up Business" is as high-growth, technology oriented company, with an attractive profile and scalability.

Long-term Loans

For businesses that wish to raise capital for projects, we offer long term loans that are typically set for more than three years and up to ten years.

Management buy-outs

  • In some instances, symphonic group ltd finance takes part in leveraged buy out. Moreover we are guided by the features that make for attractive leverage.        

Why Symphonic Group Ltd?

Because we know that your success is about more than our business.

Symphonic Group Ltd is a cutting edge finance and development company that focuses on the human elements of wealth creation and funding providing an invaluable window of opportunity to entrepreneurs in today's competitive business environment. As a private equity and finance group, we invest in high-growth opportunities, start-up businesses, management buyouts and recapitalization transactions.

As a private equity group, Symphonic Group Ltd invests in high-growth opportunities, management buyouts and recapitalization transactions. In order to be well-informed about our company's projects and services, we invite you to go through our website.

Partner with us and experience exceptional results.

Our investment philosophy centers on generating results by partnering with strong management groups to build companies. The most important criteria in evaluating attractive investment opportunities is project originality and the quality of the management team. We look for a proven track record, resourcefulness in problem solving, the ability to attract and retain quality personnel, and a strong desire for success.

Symphonic Group Ltd is into Properties, business investment, VC, entrepreneur, early stage, pre-public, start-up, industry.

Symphonic Group Ltd is a live business incoporated in Hong Kong on 17-Aug-2012 with identification number: 2489781

Our Customers

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